Music is a very important part of our worship and we are keen to welcome new musicians. We have an active music ministry and a roster of data projector operators. We will always need more people as it is such an essential part of active worship in our parish.

At Heatley musicians normally practise in the church at the Parish Centre each Saturday morning at 8 am for the 9 am Sunday service.

The instruments at the moment include two clarinets, two trombones, violin, cello,  flute, vocalist and Clavinova  keyboard and occasionally a second flute and guitar/drummer. At 7.00am the instruments are an electronic organ and clarinet.  There is always room for more so if a singer, drummer or guitarist would like to join in they would be more than welcome.

The musicians are always keen to learn new songs and practice from an array of sources. It is not expected that they play every week (unless they want to!) but it is recommended that they attend a practice before playing for a service.



We play music in church to glorify God and to contribute to the worship service. It is not a concert. Today there is a huge variety of music available. This presents a wonderful opportunity for any budding musicians to enhance their skills significantly through playing the many tempos, keys and styles of church music. We all enjoy making music and also the challenges involved in learning new songs and hymns.  

So to all musos – join with us and have some fun using your talents in God’s service.

Contact Person: Margaret Fitzgerald

Contact by: person (on the day) or leave a message on the Parish Phone: 07 4779 2434.


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